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***Managers needed in all divisions for the upcoming 2020 Spring season***

If you are interested in becoming a Manager please email us at palmdalelittleleague@gmail.com

Please include the division that you are interested in Managing and your contact information.

**REQUIRED- For 2020 Spring Season:

It is STATE LAW and required for any and all Managers, Coaches and Team Parents that will be working with kids that you complete the concussion online training course. Please use the link below to complete your training free of charge issued by the CDC. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and once completed you will be issued a certificate of completion, make sure to print the certificate once complete as it will not be saved by the CDC and you will have to retake the training if not printed at time of completion. PLL must receive a copy of your certificate to keep on file.

***Please click the link below to complete your online concussion training:




American Indian Little League- Farm/Minor Field
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American Indian Little League-Minor/Major Field
  Map Closed
Field 3 Outfield
  Map Open
Palmdale Little League - Field 2
  Map Open
Palmdale Little League - Field 3
  Map Open
Palmdale Little League - Minor/Major Field
  Map Open
Palmdale Little League - Senior Field
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